Simplifying IoT with Sigfox and Data Orchestration


Sigfox’s aim is to create a planetary network where every object is connected and can share its data anywhere in the world. The biggest innovation, however, is the fact that devices connected to Sigfox may work without batteries, which results in low or no maintenance costs at all.

The network significantly reduces the devices’ energy consumption which makes it suited especially for IoT deployments. Such simple and low-cost network is revolutionizing the whole IoT landscape resulting in more and more companies releasing Sigfox IoT platforms to dominate the market. With a lot of market opportunities to seize with Sigfox IoT network, the global leaders and Sigfox platform vendors will emerge only with the most effective solutions utilizing use cases from the most fundamental ones to the most innovative ones.

This white paper presents how a Sigfox IoT network utilized by AVSystem’s Coiote IoT Data Orchestration platform can deliver a solution that enables you to expand a simple asset monitoring solution to conquer different market verticals.

Download this whitepaper to learn

  • Why Sigfox is a revolutionary innovation in IoT and what are the most important features of Sigfox IoT network that differentiate it from other IoT technologies
  • How Coiote IoT Data Orchestration as a Sigfox platform contributes to data enrichment in your IoT deployment and why it is compatible with Sigfox IoT network
  • What are the benefits of combining Sigfox with Coiote IoT Data Orchestration and how can a Sigfox IoT platform make your offering attract even more customers